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CO2-Neutrality and Digital School: can we align them?

Campus Innovation 2019 - eCampus(WiSe 19/20)


In this talk, we shall propose multiple concrete and practical tips how a contradiction between goal of carbon neutrality on one hand, and demands of energy-hungry digitalisation on the other, could potentially be resolved, at least in educational settings. Besides a brief discussion of some basic facts concerning renewable resources and photovoltaic technologies, we shall mainly focus on concepts of circadian and energy-autark (eutark) devices. While circadian devices are defined as devices with pre-built daily “rhythms", eutark devices are devices able to generate energy necessary for their own operation. Contingently to constraints of circadianity and eutarky, we shall present further enviromentally relevant design choices which were made during the development process of the "digital Primer" (digitale Fibel). The primer is a DIY digital education artefact aiming to attain operational CO2-neutrality by means of combining circadian components and strategies with well-selected hardware (Pi Zero instead of Pi 3 or 4), interfaces (e-paper instead of screens) and software (bare-bone OS, optimized code) etc. Towards the end of the talk we will discuss the potential didactic impact of primer-like devices on the behavior of their users, further amplifying positive ecological implications of our proposal.

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