What is Lecture2Go?

Lecture2Go is the central online video portal of the University of Hamburg, where you can watch, listen and download recorded lectures. The lecture recording system, which was developed at the 'Regionales Rechenzentrum' (RRZ), makes it possible to synchronously record the speaker and his presentation.

How do I know a new video is online for a specific series?

For each series, there is an automatic notification, which is accessible via the RSS-link above the video list. You need an RSS reader to subscribe to the listed feeds, which will notify you whenever a new video is uploaded.

Do I need to login to use the website?

No. Only producers of lectures need to log in.

Which lectures are recorded?

The decision for a recording is made by the lecturer, but due to limited ressources only a certain number of series can be recorded in one semester.

A lecture was recorded, but can not be found on the website!

In such case the lecture usually has restricted access and can only be viewed with a password. You should ask the lecturer for additional informations. Under certain circumstances the video is not online due to technical errors.

Can I download the videos?

Theoretically yes, but it depends on the decision of the lecturer. Downloadable videos have a 'Download' section below the video.

In which data format are the downloaded videos encoded? Which video player do I need?

The downloaded lectures are encoded in the widely used H.264/MPEG-4 format (file extension 'mp4'). All popular video players such as VLC Player or QuickTime can be used.

How may I use downloaded videos?

All video files available on the portal are subject to a license, which can be seen below the video. In general, the videos may not be used commercially or uploaded on other platforms.

Are closed captions supported?

Generally closed captions/ subtitles are supported with Lecture2Go. However, as these currently require manual creation, there are only a few subtitled videos in our catalog. A (partial) automation of subtitle generation is planned and is to be implemented in the medium to long term.


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