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18.08. - Eröffnungsveranstaltung

Performing Politics - Internationale Sommerakademie(SoSe 10)

For the first time the Hamburg International Summer Festival is this year in conjunction with the University of Hamburg (Chair for Theatre and Performance Studies) and supported by the Körber Foundation staging an International Summer Academy.

The primary aim of the academy was to promote the rigorous exchange between theory and practice through collective research and development with theorists and festival artists and to allow this work to emanate into town and festival.

The public programme consisted of open talks with artists and lectures in which the artists showing work at the festival and invited theorists will outline their positions as to central questions in the performing arts regarding the conflicting ideas of political intervention, effective aims and aesthetic demands.

Internally the Summer Academy offered 30 future artists and intermediate students of arts based subjects with the goal of working in theatre, performance, dance or fine art the opportunity to interexchange with artists and theorists.

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