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English as a World Language

Simone Lechner
Was wie wofür studieren?

The M.A. programme English as a World Language represents a collaborative effort by the Department of English and the Department of Asian and African Studies, with the Department of English assuming the main administrative responsibility. The programme covers varieties of English around the world, from traditional English dialects to more recent post-colonial varieties and English-based pidgin and creole languages. The substantive interest of the programme derives from the fact that we are witnessing a major change in the status, function, and structure of many of the so-called New Englishes: they are undergoing a process of nativization during which English is gradually shifting from a second to a first language. As part of the syllabus, students are given the opportunity of independent study and receive intensive one-to-one tutoring. The programme prepares MA students for a career in higher education, business, diplomacy, or cultural affairs. 

Simone Lechner ist Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Forschungsstelle Linguistic Diversitity Management in Urban Areas Panel Study  der Universität Hamburg



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