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Lecture2Go at Podcast University

Jan Torge Claussen
Lecture2Go Tutorials

I `ll take my lecture to go, please - What is common with coffee becomes a big challenge with lectures at the university. In any case the interest of the students is quite justified. Hence, the university of Hamburg offers a steadily growing portion of its lectures online and similar to a take-away.

The possibility to make lecture recordings in sound and picture available in the World Wide Web demonstrates a prudent addition to the methods of traditional teaching. It helps students with their individual post-processing, strengthens their media literacy and supports mobility and flexibility. In addition, the multimedia publication of a lecture is an excellent scientific resource for varied research and teaching. Carefully selected content can be published in terms of "Open Access" and thus improves everybody’s access to the extensive knowledge of the universities with lasting effect.

In my talk the project for lecture recording and distribution at the university of Hamburg so called lecture2Go will be introduced. L2Go is the name for both: the recording-system and the website. I will talk about the special challenges of our project. Its effects, aims and demands will be discussed within the scope of education and research at the university of Hamburg. The further topics of my lectures are the different user scenarios, technical and juridical issues as well as requirements in content and structure.

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