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All Together Now? – Do service providers have a role in the sustainability of open source repositories?

Open Repositories 2019(SoSe 19)

The repository software dream has been a team of dedicated, in-house developers who work within their institutions and the various OS communities, hand-crafting new functionality and sharing the code. The reality has always been more complicated and messy. For a variety of reasons, many institutions find themselves without expert repository developers, but still needing to have bespoke work carried out. And commercial service providers have stepped up with offers to bridge this gap. Increasingly, institutions are working with such service providers as their technical partners. For the institutions, it means that OS software remains a viable option even without an in-house technical team. But can commercial providers be invested in Open Source in the same way that in-house developers are? Do they contribute to the long-term stability, sustainability and accessibility of OS software and communities, or are they just taking the money? The panel will present a range of views from both commercial service providers, those who keep technical expertise in-house, and some who do a little of both. We expect the discussion to be lively, though-provoking and insightful, hopefully sparking further discussions in the community about how we might continue to sustain the OS community within repositories.



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