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Adoption of NGR technologies - status update

Open Repositories 2019(SoSe 19)

In November 2017, COAR published the report, Behaviours and Technical Recommendations of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group. The report published a list of 19 technologies and protocols that are recommended to improve the way repositories function. There is tremendous interest in the community related to the vision of next generation repositories. COAR is helping to advance this vision and also monitoring developments so that we avoid redundancy of efforts. 

Significant progress has already been made in terms of adoption of some of the technologies into the open source platforms. This panel will have representatives from the open source repository community and platform developers to provide updates about the progress towards adoption of the NGR technologies, discuss any associated challenges, and look into the future to identify any new technologies on the horizon.


Kathleen Shearer1, Eloy Rodrigues1, Lars Holm Nielsen2, Erin Tripp3, Paul Walk4, Andrea Bollini5

1COAR, International; 2Invenio; 3DuraSpace; 4Antleaf; 54Science

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