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Islandora 8 and Beyond

Open Repositories 2019(SoSe 19)

Islandora 8.x (know during development as Islandora CLAW) pairs the latest in Fedora development with a Drupal 8 front end. A major re-architecting of the previous version of Islandora, 8.x strives to improve on Islandora’s long history by taking the best from its components and letting those parts do what they do best, for an experience that is more Drupal to the site builder and end user, and more Fedora in its storage.

This session will delve into the details of the first full release of Islandora’s Drupal 8 - Fedora 5 pairing, with a focus on migration tools, user interface and user control, a look a pilot projects and production installations, and a roadmap for where development will go next. The point of view will be ‘lighty’ technical, but still accessible to a general audience.

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