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The Impact of International Law on Sino-Vietnamese Relations in the South China Sea

The South China Sea Conflict after the Arbitration of July 12, 2016: Analyses and Perspectives(WiSe 17/18)

The paper goes through legal aspects of Sino-Vietnamese relations in the South China Sea. It begins by
comparing their respective claims to islands and maritime zones, and how their attitudes to and
interpretations of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea have developed since it was negotiated
during 1973-82. Then the paper looks at how the two states used the Convention when negotiating their
Gulf of Tonkin agreement in 2000, and how they have cooperated in the Tonkin Gulf since the
agreement was signed. The paper then goes into the escalating dispute between China and Vietnam over
the extension of each country’s continental shelf after the deadline for submitting calculations to the UN
in May 2009. The paper looks into disputes over fisheries, oil exploration and land reclamation activities
in areas under legitimate and illegitimate dispute and the respective reactions of Beijing and Hanoi to
the Arbitral Tribunal’s award in the Philippines versus China case in 2016, before concluding with a
discussion of possible venues of conflict resolution, grounded in international law.

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