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The Verb in the Pɛrɛ language

Raimund Kastenholz
Adamawa-Gur-Sprachen im Brennpunkt afrikanischer Forschung(WiSe 15/16)

Pɛrɛ, a language of the Adamawa Group of Niger-Congo, is mainly spoken in the eastern part of the Adamawa Region in Cameroon. The verb word in Pɛrɛ consists of the verb stem followed by one or (considerably) more elements with various grammatical functions. All of these grammemes are phonologically bound.

Among these are aspect suffixes (imperfective and perfective/completive), ultimately grammaticalized from final verbs in serialization. All other grammemes have to be considered as clitics. These include bound object pronouns, and a number of adverbial particles. Some of these latter are, to a certain degree, syntactically variable. They cover a diversity of grammatical meanings, ranging from predicate focus, and current relevance, to concomitative (instrumental, self-anaphor), and ventive/itive.

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