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Current Issues of CEFR-Adaption for Sign Languages in European Countries: Switzerland

Brigitte Daiss
2nd ProSign Conference(SoSe 14)

The ProSign project, funded by the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), is the first and highly significant step toward the establishment of European standards for specifying proficiency level for use in Deaf Studies and Interpreting programmes offered at tertiary level.

The ProSign Team is organizing a second conference open to all professionals, teachers and researchers interested in developing and establishing commen sign language levels.

To use materials for research and citation purposes, please contact Prof. Dr. Christian Rathmann (christian.rathmann@uni-hamburg.de) for permission. It might be granted or rejected by copyright owners.

Click here to find the power point presentationsfrom every lecturer: By clicking on the door you apply for membership. Prof. Dr. Christian Rathmann will accept your request, you can then enter the room and have full access to all the power point presentations.

Language disclaimer:
1. The recorded interpretation via video and audio (including any interpretation via an audio and video channel) are intended to facilitate communication and do not constitute an authentic record of the event (source: SCIC).
2. International Sign was the main mode of communication at the event, which is not a fully fledged language, but a communication solution to serve a diverse audience (source: EUD, 2012).

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