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Professional Journalism in a Globalised World

Qian Hao
Humanities Perspective 2011(SoSe 11)


(China) “Professional Journalism in a Globalised World”


ABSTRACT: Brief introduction about my 10-year UK-China working experience as a journalist. The change of my attitude and understanding towards the concept of professional journalism after I moved from Shanghai to London.  I will give people an idea about the difference between China’s definition of Professional Journalism and that of the Western world, in order to tell people why there’s lack of professional journalism in China.

While there is huge progress which is ongoing in China in terms of journalism following the emerging of micro-blogging, there are some scenarios of the future of Chinese media industry in a globalised world.

My understanding of how to justify in a globalised world in order to follow a professional journalism role, as a Chinese journalist based in Europe. Besides, how to build a career in China as a journalist, whether work for a Chinese media or a western media.

BIO: After 7-year working experience for Chinese media, working as an investigative reporter following by being a financial report, I joined SINA one year ago, being the first full-time employee for the finance channel of in Europe, my task is to cover public issues and economic news, as well as attending international conferences and expanding’s European market. SINA Corporation is the largest online media company and MVAS provider in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the global Chinese communities, listed in NASDAQ (Public, NASDAQ:SINA)I coordinated the news coverage plan for Davos World Economy Forum Summit in Switzerland in January 2010, as well as covering the G20 meeting in Paris, and will continue to cover their ongoing progress.

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