Video Catalog

  • 04.11.2010
    The Effect of Antitrust Institutions on Economic Development and Democracy
  • 28.10.2010
    Optimal Protection of International Law
  • 21.10.2010
    Opportunities for and Limits to Economic Analysis in Public International Law
  • 08.07.2010
    The Effect of Abortion Liberalization on Sexual Behavior: International Evidence
  • 01.07.2010
    Can Bribes Buy Protection Against International Competition?
  • 17.06.2010
    Legal Innovation in (European) Contract Law
  • 10.06.2010
    Linkages between Financial Deepening, Trade Openness, and Economic Development
  • 03.06.2010
    Judical Services for Global Commerce
  • 20.05.2010
    Putting the Law to the Lab. Insight from Legal Experiments
  • 06.05.2010
    Regulating Executive Remuneration in the Post-Financial Crisis Era: A Common Law Perspective
  • 29.04.2010
    Traffic Accident Compensation: Tort Law vs. No-Fault Systems. A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis
  • 22.04.2010
    A Culturally Correct Proposal to Privatize the British Columbia Salmon Fishery