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Dino Buzzetti, University of Bologna, „The origins of 'Humanities Computing' and the 'Digital Humanities' turn“  

At its beginnings Humanities Computing was characterised by a primary interest in methodological issues and their epistemological background. Subsequently, Humanities Computing practice has been prevailingly driven by technological developments and the main concern has shifted from content processing to the representation in digital form of documentary sources. The Digital Humanities turn has brought more to the fore artistic and literary practice, as the overall activity in the social sciences and humanities, in direct digital form, as opposed to a supposedly commonplace application of computational methods to scholarly research. Consequently, the present condition in the field of Digital Humanities comprises two diverse orientations, directed to specifically different goals, that can be concisely characterised respectively as ‘knowledge design’ and ‘data science’. A further epistemological reflection on a constructive relationship between these two diverse orientations becomes now all the more necessary.

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