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Virginio Cantoni, University of Pavia, „Technological innovation and visual artworks accessibility“ 

Since 2000, our group is involved in the development of multi-sensory solutions, combining different interaction methods to provide museums and exhibits visitors with more engaging experiences and to allow blind and partially sighted people to appreciate artworks. Different solutions have been experimented, one of the most successful has been with 3D printing of tactile images: it is a transfer of pictorial information to a specific image that can be scanned by fingertips. In the 3D printed reproduction, each part is encoded so that it can be easily detected and convey the original content in an intelligible way. Moreover, in 2019, has been proposed an international competition in the artistic heritage sector designed to provide virtual solutions that ultimately add to the fresco restorer’s toolkit. Specifically, the challenge relates to digital ways of reassembling fresco fragments collected, photographed and cataloged after a destructive event. This competition has been also designed to engage people with autism in composition tasks that encouraged their inclusion in productive activities and promoted their skills. The result of the competition has been really a surprise.

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