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CLICCS-Lecture: "Using the 'Global Arctic'? Climate change, geopolitics and non-state and indigenous/northern actors in the making and remaking of the ‘High North’"

Klaus Dodds, Professor of Geopolitics, on his talk:

In this lecture, I consider two things. First, the term ‘global Arctic’, which has gained a certain traction in media and academic debates. What does it mean to talk about the Arctic region as ‘global’ and how does it account for the complex power-geometries at play (in Doreen Massey’s terms). Second, drawing inspiration from the work of Sara Ahmed, I consider the ‘use of use’, and how and where the use of the ‘global arctic’ provides opportunities, challenges and disruptive possibilities. As Ahmed notes, use can lead to over-use; use can be less ‘useful’ over time; use can reveal inherited design practices and useable imaginaries; use can be corrupted and retro-fitted; use leaves ‘traces’ in places populated with people, other living beings and ecologies, and use can and does act as an energy-saving framing device for the privileged. In my discussion of the Arctic, reference will be made to indigenous communities/permanent participants of the Arctic Council, environmental non-governmental organizations and media organizations (as well as mention of others players such as business interests).

The event is hosted by CLICCS Project B2 Dynamics of Climate Governance: Norms, Contestation, and Policies. For more information on CLICCS, visit the research clusters website.


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