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“Confucian Ethics and Feminism: Women’s Issues in Vietnam in the Early 20th Century”

Dr. Kim Lan Cao

Dr. Cao Kim Lan is the Head of the Department of Literary Theory and Criticism, Institute of Literature, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences and Humanties (VASS). She is specialized in narratology, rhetorics, ecocriticism, gender, cultural studies, and modern Vietnamese literature. Among her recent publications are (in Vietnamese): The Implied Author in the Rhetoric of Fiction (Award of the Vietnamese Publishing Association, 2016), History of Vietnamese Literary Theory and Criticism (co-author, 2012), Narratology: Theory and Practice (co-author, 2017), The Dual Trauma in Bao Ninh’s ‘The Sorrow of War” (2019), and Women, Feminism, and Confucianism in Vietnam in the Early 20th Century (2019).

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