Lecture2Go Catalog F.5 - Geisteswissenschaften Sprache, Literatur, Medien (SLM I + II) A word says more than 1000 pictures: Dynamic data visualization and exploration for the Humanities



Revisiting the Tangled Web: On Utility and Deception in the Geo-Humanities

With the advent of Digital Humanities methodologies the visualization of Humanities data has become more and more prominent. However, once the "wow-effect" of a "cool" visualization - such as a pie-chart, a word cloud, a diagram etc. - has worn off many Humanists begin to react with scepticism: is it worth the trouble? Doesn"t a "word say mor ethan thousan pictures"? Their scepticism seems justified:  Most of the current visualization paradigms are derived from engineering and mathematics oriented applications. Most of them are context blind, a-historical and driven by an epistemology that reduces complex phenomena to a series of "data points" - which is exactly the opposite of how Humanists tend to look at their field of interest. - In this lecture series international visualization experts will explore new, philosophically and cultural history informed approaches to Humanities data visualization that respond to the Humanities" needs. 

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