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  • 12.07.2018
    Understanding regional weather extremes in a changing climate
  • 21.06.2018
    Understanding regional weather extremes in a changing climate
  • 17.05.2018
    Will Chinese (E-mobility) Innovation Lead in Global Low-Carbon Transition?
  • 03.05.2018
    The terrestrial carbon cycle in the climate system. A journey from the tropics to the Arctic
  • 26.04.2018
    The myth of the ITCZ over equatorial Africa and other myths concerning African climate
  • 19.04.2018
    Importance of temporal and spatial variability of environmental conditions for land-atmosphere interactions in permafrost landscapes
  • 12.04.2018
    The challenge of integrating carbon dioxide removal into the EU's climate policy paradigm
  • 05.04.2018
    What do we need to know about weather and climate extremes in a warming world?
  • 01.02.2018
    Remote Sensing of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
  • 25.01.2018
    The ocean carbon sink, today and tomorrow
  • 18.01.2018
    Changing climate hazards across timescales – combining extreme event attribution and medium term climate projections
  • 14.12.2017
    Climate change impacts – the role of the law: who is liable? The example of the case Lliuya ./. RWE
  • 30.11.2017
    Does the ocean impact the ozone layer?
  • 16.11.2017
    Drought in climate models: what can we do about the uncertainty in climate projections?
  • 02.11.2017
    Future Sea level Change from Past Glacier Mass Loss Commitments
  • 29.06.2017
    Seismic and acoustic waves in the whole Earth system
  • 22.06.2017
    Climate change and sea-level rise: impact and adaptation on the coast
  • 15.06.2017
    Glaciers under climate change
  • 18.05.2017
    Changing Cultures of Climate Understanding: A historical perspective on climate modelling
  • 04.05.2017
    Einige wissenschaftsphilosophische Fragen zur epistemischen Qualitätssicherung von Klimamodellen
  • 20.04.2017
    Assessing and Reducing the Risks of Solar Geoengineering
  • 06.04.2017
    Coral reefs, ocean acidification, and transformation of the global energy system
  • 09.07.2015
    Large-Scale Dendrochronology and Low-Frequency Climate Variability
  • 09.07.2015
    Seamless Prediction from Minutes to Months: Recent Advances and Future Challenges
  • 25.06.2015
    Klimaforschung, Klimaschutz und die Politik in Hamburg und Berlin
  • 05.06.2015
    Atmospheric circulation as a source of uncertainty in climate change projections
  • 28.05.2015
    Regulation of CO2 air-sea fluxes and pH in the North Sea
  • 21.05.2015
    Environmental Change and Migration
  • 07.05.2015
    The Nile River during the Holocene: Environment, Climate and the Humans
  • 23.04.2015
    The Fundamental Role of the Southern Ocean in Global Climate
  • 16.04.2015
    Typhoon Impacts on the Coast of Taiwan under Climate Change
  • 13.04.2015
    Addressing Positive Feedbacks and Impacts of Abrupt Climate Change in Actor-Based System Dynamics Integrated Assessment Models
  • 10.02.2015
    The Changing Arctic: From Science to Scenarios
  • 10.02.2015
    Principles and Benefits of Systems Science: The Case of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
  • 15.01.2015
    Energy Poverty and Dangerous Climate Change
  • 18.12.2014
    If Natural Disasters Wreak Havoc: The United Nations Assessment and Coordination Team (UNDAC) - Organisation, Methodology and Requirements for Support
  • 11.12.2014
    The Dangers of Climate Emergencies
  • 04.12.2014
    From aerosol forcing to climate sensitivity
  • 20.11.2014
    Conflict Resolution in the Field of Energy Transformation from an Environmental Psychological Perspective
  • 13.11.2014
    Dynamics, Migrations an Bifurcations of the Intertropical Convergence Zone
  • 06.11.2014
    Mechanisms of Regional Precipitation Change from Anthropogenic Forcing
  • 23.10.2014
    The Ten Domains of Climate Ethics