• 29.03.2016
    Students of the Rabbinical School as Converts: Interactions Between Missionaries and Jews in Warsaw
  • 29.03.2016
    The Intellectual and Spiritual Journey of Stanislaus Hoga: From Judaism to Christianity to Hebrew Christianity
  • 29.03.2016
    Jeruslame Letters: Vasily Levison's Ruminations on Faith, Doubt, and Conversion from Judaism to Russian Orthodoxy
  • 29.03.2016
    A Tale of Two brothers: David and Paulus Cassel's Roles as Scholars of Judaism and Jewish Christianity
  • 26.02.2016
    Reading Orobio in 19th Century England: The Missionary Alexander McCaul's "Israel Avenged"
  • 25.02.2016
    From Apologetics to Polemics: Isaac Orobio's Defences of Judaism and their use in the French Enlightenment
  • 25.02.2016
    Clandestine Classics: Isaac Orobio's Polemical Works and the Generic Traditions of Sephardi Anti-Christian Literature
  • 25.02.2016
    The Literary Profile of Isaac Orobio de Castro
  • 25.02.2016
    "From Christianity to Judaism" Revisited: Some Critical Remarks after Forty Years of its First Publication
  • 16.06.2015
    Psychologie der Weisheit: Definitionen, Messversuche und viele offene Fragen
  • 02.06.2015
    Die Lehren des Buddha, des griechisch-römischen Stoizismus und die Frage der wechselseitigen Beeinflussung
  • 19.05.2015
    Psychologische Weisheitskonzepte in der Psychotherapie
  • 05.05.2015
    Neue Perspektiven der Weisheitsforschung