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  • 10.12.2009
    Kritik und Verantwortung - Zur journalistischen Haltungsgeschichte nebst einiger subjektiver Exkurse
  • 11.02.2015
    Film Analysis of Lagaan (2001) by students and Introduction to South Asian Cinema
  • 11.02.2015
    Nation building films and representation of poverty in South Asian Cinema
  • 11.02.2015
    Representation of Women in South Asian Cinema
  • 11.02.2015
    The emergence of 'The Angry Young Men.' in South Asian Cinema:Its Social, Political and Economic Impact
  • 11.02.2015
    'Cross over Cinema': Bollywood goes Global.'Terror Attacks South Asian Cinema ': Films on Terrorism and other relevant themes
  • 11.02.2015
    Representation of Children in South Asian Cinema
  • 31.01.2014
    History of South Asian Cinema
  • 25.10.2013
    The Art of Film Analysis