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Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Taming the Machines - IT for a Good Society(WiSe 19/20)

Big data, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies have, with little doubt, enhanced our knowledge and improved our well-being. These technologies help to make new scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs, and they may in the future surpass—or, in some cases, have already surpassed—human performance in mundane and critical tasks from Vacuuming to the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases.

These powerful technologies, however, cannot by themselves guarantee a better future for humanity. It should also be clear that the benefits and risks of these technologies could be unevenly distributed among different races, gender groups, and social class. To maximize the benefits, and to ensure that the benefits and risks are being distributed fairly, it is essential for us to consider how to design, use, and regulate digital technologies. This public lecture series invites internationally renowned scholars to discuss major normative questions related to the design, use, and regulation of information technology for a good society.


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