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Building an All-in-one Service: Extending an existing Open Access Repository to a complete Research Information System

Open Repositories 2019(SoSe 19)

The Hamburg University of Technology is using DSpace CRIS for their Open Access publications. In context of the Hamburg Open Science program this repository is going to be extended with a research data repository and supposed to include all researchers, organization units and publications (also non OA, even without any fulltext) building a research information system and a university bibliography.

DSpace CRIS is adopting some recommendations for next generation repositories by the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) and is providing entity structures, which a normal DSpace system does not have yet. Thus we believe, that by sticking with DSpace (CRIS) we are well prepared for the future having a good community with active developers.

This presentation shows, how DSpace CRIS helped us to cover the two new components of the repository and which challenges we had to face while developing the new All-in-one system.

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