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Networking the IoT with RIOT

Informatisches Kolloquium

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving from large numbers of embedded devices that gradually connect to the Internet. Such nodes are often (very) constrained and limited to battery-powered low power lossy radio links. RIOT, the friendly operating system for the IoT, is an open source initiative for fueling an IoT ecosystem that is not locked in with vendors or service operators.

This talk introduces the networking architecture that turns RIOT into a powerful IoT system, and enables low-power wireless deployment. RIOT networking offers (i) a modular architecture with generic interfaces for plugging in drivers, protocols, or entire stacks, (ii) support for multiple heterogeneous interfaces and stacks that can concurrently operate, and (iii) GNRC, its cleanly layered, recursively composed default network stack. Focussing on deployability, we discuss and analyse several IoT networking approaches including 6Low and Information Centric Networking. Selected security aspects will also be touched.


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