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Scientific Publishing

Donate Günther
Humanities Perspective 2011(SoSe 11)

(Germany) “Scientific Publishing”


ABSTRACT: Publishing your first scientific work marks an important event in your scientific career. My talk will focus on a scientific publication seen from the point of view of a publishing house – as a commercial product – and therefore analysed by the four “P”s of product management (product, place, price, promotion). The aim of the contribution is to show the main implications, which should be taken into account whenever you plan to publish you manuscript, and to enable you to have your scientific work published in the most efficient way possible.

BIO: Donate Guenther went to school in Germany, France and Canada. From 1981-1987 she studied Linguistics, Politics and Psychology at the University of Hamburg. While working as a business consultant (Complex System Change) until 2006, she founded the scientific publishing house Documentation & Books Publishing (DOBU, or Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Dokumentation & Buch) in 1998 and the French publishing and distribution company CLADOLE in 2011. In addition to her professional work as publisher, she is preparing a PHD on Social Identity, Culture and Change – The ERASMUS Experience - at the University of Montpellier III in France.

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