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E-Petitions and Grassroots Campaigning

Dr. Kathrin Voss
Humanities Perspective 2011(SoSe 11)


“E-Petitions and Grassroots Campaigning”


ABSTRACT: E-Petitioning and other forms of online grassroots campaigning have become a common tool for NGOs as well as for lobbyist groups. Long established NGOs as well as small single issues organizations use these online tools to put their topics on the political agenda. But e-petitioning has also changed the organizational landscape of the civil society by creating new organizations like or The presentation will look at different forms of e-petitioning and examines the risks of online grassroots campaigns as well as the effects e-petitions have.

BIO: Since 2003 Dr Voss has been a freelance consultant and lecturer for public relations, organizational development and fundraising, mostly for non-profit-organizations. She studied Political Science with a major in comparative politics at the University of Hamburg from 1994 to 1999.  Her research interests are in political communication, public relations, lobbying, internet communication / web 2.0, non-governmental organizations, and social movements.  Her current research is centred around E-Petitioning and E-Mail-Campaigning – Effects and Impact.

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