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18.08. - Vortrag "Wie denkt Theater? Zur Politik der Darstellung nach dem Fall"

Performing Politics - Internationale Sommerakademie(SoSe 10)

Nikolaus Müller-Schöll,

is professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Previous to that he has taught in Paris, Frankfurt/M., Bochum and Gießen as well as other universities. Major fields of interest include: the comical as paradigm of the experience of modernity (from the 17th to the 21. century), theories on theatre in relation to philosophy, politics and literature as well as experimental forms of contemporary theatre and performance.

Recent publications:Das Theater des „konstruktiven Defaitismus“. Walter Benjamin, Bertolt Brecht und Heiner Müller (2002), Kleist lesen (Hg. 2003), Ereignis (Hg. 2003), Aisthesis (Hg. 2005), Politik der Vorstellung. Theater und Theorie (Hg. 2006), Schauplatz Ruhr (Hg. 2007), Heiner Müller sprechen (Hg. 2009).

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