Barriers to Major Upgrades: Assessing Migration Paths

Erin Tripp, Andrew Woods, David Wilcox


Hundreds of American libraries and archives use Fedora to deliver scholarly publications, research data, cultural heritage, and special collections-related content and services to patrons. Fedora 4.x has been the official release since 2015, but most of the community is still using earlier versions of the software. In 2018, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded DuraSpace a planning grant (LG-72-18-0204) to investigate barriers to upgrading hundreds of U.S.-based libraries and archives running unsupported versions of Fedora which is putting at risk the stability, security, and functionality of the content and services they support. The grant team will develop a survey and conduct interviews in order to determine the most significant barriers to migrating to the community-support version of Fedora and how best to address them. This presentation will provide an overview of project discoveries and outcomes in parallel with other open repository communities which are also amid major upgrades to new versions and archetype barriers to upgrading repositories.

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