Lecture2Go Catalog F.5 - Geisteswissenschaften Philosophie Reason, Reflection & Responsibility (WiSe 18/19)



The Future of European Democracy

About the Lecture:
Should the EU should be conceived as a demoicracy, namely a “Union of peoples who govern together, but not as one”. The demoi of Europe recognise that they affect one another’s democratic health, and hence establish a union to guarantee their freedom qua demoi – which most demoicrats cash out as non-domination. This is more than intergovernmentalism, because the demoi govern together on these matters. However, if the union aims at protecting the freedom of the different European demoi, it cannot do so by replacing them with a “superdemos”, as federalists want. This talk will discuss the idea of the EU as a demoicracy. In particular we will look at the institutional choice between intergovernmentalism and federalism.

About the Speaker:
Dr Miriam Ronzoni is Reader in Political Theory at the University of Manchester, which she joined in 2013. She works in contemporary normative theory, with a focus on global and international issues. Prior to moving to Manchester, Dr Ronzoni held research positions at the TU Darmstadt (where she held a Humboldt Foundation Kovalevskaja Award), the European University Institute in Florence, and at the Goethe University of Frankfurt.

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